• When Life Doesn't Make Sense

    March • April 2014

    Years ago, a prophet named Habakkuk had major issues with why God allowed certain things to happen and why He wasn’t doing something about them. Maybe you’ve felt the same way. That’s ok!

  • Cross the Line

    March 2014

    One of the greatest experiences is coming to understand that God not only wants to do something for you and in you – but that God wants to do something great through you.

  • The Other Six Days

    February • March 2014

    God is much bigger than a couple of hours on Sunday. God is intensely interested in your family, your work, your neighborhood, even time management.

  • Better

    January • February 2014

    We look for happiness in our jobs, relationships,
    even in our bank accounts - time and time again they
    disappoint. They offer empty promises that don’t satisfy.
    In this series we’ll learn how to replace these empty promises with promises that bring hope, purpose and ultimately the better life we are all looking for.

  • Season Songs

    December 2013

    A new teaching series by Pastor Bruce Frank on Songs for today, tomorrow & yesterday - based on the book Psalms.

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