• iVow

    February • March 2015

    Falling in love is easy, but staying there? That’s something else entirely. Whether you're single, single & seeking, single & content, happily married, unhappily married or┬ásingle again, this series is for you.

  • No Perfect People Allowed

    January • February 2015

    It’s so easy to see ourselves as ‘Good’ and others as ‘bad.’ The truth is, no one is perfect. So if you have scars, regrets and struggles, you’re in good company.

  • Getting Peace in 2015

    December 2014 • January 2015

    Everyone longs for peace of mind, but it often seems very elusive. As we begin this new year, we look to God’s Word to learn how peace is lost,
    and how to find it again!

  • The Big Give

    December 2014

    In life, there are multiple opportunities for you to experience the truth of Acts 20:35 “…help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

  • The Ultimate Power Trip

    October • November 2014

    Power is defined as “the ability to act or produce an effect.” Most of the Christians I meet are tired. The Christian life seems like rules without resources, laws without life. There is nothing quite as exhausting as the powerless Christian life. Yet, the Bible teaches that the kind of power that lifted Jesus Christ from the grave – the greatest victory that was ever won – is the same power that lives in you (Romans 8:11)

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