• Surprise

    October • November 2015

    Many people think of Jesus as this safe, tranquil, sentimental religious guru who just went around spreading love. In reality,
    Jesus said many polarizing statements that made people either love Him or hate Him.

  • White Picket Fences

    September • October 2015

    We all want the perfect family. Well, perfect families don’t exist – even in the Bible. What does exist, are families that find help to overcome generational hurt, marital stress, in-law trouble, financial strain.

    While you won’t ever have the perfect family, you can turn around the chaos and move forward together.

    In this series we will discover how God can make a difference in our imperfect families.

  • A.D.

    July • September 2015

    The church at its inception was a movement built around the conviction that Jesus had died as the only Savior for sinners, and that He had risen from the dead, proving He was who He said He was.

  • 10 BIG Choices

    May • July 2015

    In so many ways, we are where we are in life because of the choices we have made. We’ve all made good choices that lead us forward and bad choices that led us backward. There are 10 BIG Choices that can change everything!

  • Hope Again

    April • May 2015

    In life it’s often easy to lose hope, to drift away from the brightfuture we thought was just on the horizon. In this series we will discover that the best can be just ahead.

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